The HCFF Award

The Bull: The real expression of our own!

Message from Jean Descamps, creator of the HCFF award:


The bull has been represented in infinite ways and forms by artists, filmmakers and writers over the course of many years throughout history. It is a real Hispanic symbol and therefore an ambassador as well as an icon of our traditions.


From my point of view, developing a work of art featuring the Bull as the subject is not about just wanting to manifest this animal’s beauty but is also about transmitting all that we Hispanics represent: passion, effort, dedication, nobility, character, temper and human warmth for the everyday things of life. And what better way to portray a bull than at the Fiesta Brava? The sculpture is a cast iron silhouette of an Osborne bull; one side is painted in multi-colored dyes, adorned with nine superimposed acrylic numbers that are

the same vibrant colors that are very typical of my tropical country, Venezuela -where vibrant colors are present throughout the entire year. The reverse side is black and is also adorned with nine colorful and loosely placed numbers that enliven the sculpture and suggest impermanence.


The numbers 1 to 9 superimposed on both sides of the sculpture represent a vista with multiple interpretations, emblematic of all the variety of beings and elements related to our Hispanic culture, and in our particular case, due to the number of productions, actors, talents, script writers, orchestrators, directors, producers, venues, locations, etc. in sum: all that revolves around the world of film in our region, are represented through the BULL.





Theatre Venue

The Corazon Cinema and Cafe

36 Granada Street

St. Augustine, FL, 32084


Festival office and submissions:

2054 Riverside Ave

Suite 5408

Jacksonville, FL 32204


(904) 414-4777


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