The Art Museum for Private Collections of the Americas is a 501(c)(3) organization (AM4PC), approved by the IRS on March 4th, 2015 as a Public Non for Profit Organization.


The EIN Number for AM4PC is 47-1748968


The Vision of AM4PC is to educate the general public through the use of Arts; AM4PC can create an Exhibit Location to receive a Private Art Collection to be used as a Gallery or Museum to show a Private Art Collection donated to AM4PC or develop Film Festivals, as it has done, to educate the general public through the use of films.


The Mission of AM4PC is very clear; use all the Art expressions to explain to a general public why the plastic arts or the sculptures or the Film Industry, are forms to express certain movements, political moments, costumes, cultural trends and other interpretations of different human generations.


The Hispanic Culture Film Festival (HCFF) was created in September 2018 in Jacksonville, FL as a Division of AM4PC to present 21 Countries that share a common language: Spanish, but have 21 different cultures which in the USA are melted in a common pot, called the "Hispanic Community".


The HCFF is also the "Experience 40/52" since every first week of October, which is the 40th week of the year, AM4PC will invite the best film makers of the hispanic world to St. Augustine, FL, which is the Oldest City in the USA, to showcase their productions and help AM4PC in our Mission, which will be to educate through these films the general public.


The HCFF is not a fundraising event; it is a meeting place for all the Hispanic Film Makers of the World, to present their best creative works of the 7th Art, the movies...




Theatre Venue

The Corazon Cinema and Cafe

36 Granada Street

St. Augustine, FL, 32084


Festival office and submissions:

2054 Riverside Ave

Suite 5408

Jacksonville, FL 32204


(904) 414-4777


The Hispanic Culture Film Festival is a division of AM4PC a 501 (C) (3) non-profit cultural institution whose mission is to educate through arts. For more info, please visit AM4PC’s section at the top of this web.